Oh Snap! Glynn talks Climate!

Oh Snap! Glynn talks Climate!

Oakland based storyteller Glynn Washington of Snap Judgment will be speaking at Pandora HQ as part of CreativeMornings Oakland. Coffee, breakfast, and tickets are free! If you’re not a member of CreativeMornings, you should sign up now (it’s easy especially if you have a Twitter account already). It’s an international breakfast lecture series that hosts speakers to talk on a monthly theme. This months theme is “Climate.” and what better person to talk about it than the man who brings the public to public radio.

If you’re new to Mr. Washington, check out this short video by the fine folks at Transom.org. Each show focuses on true stories where a split decision had to be made. Their stories are endearing and emotional driving narratives.

Tickets go live the Monday before the event. The event is February 27th at 8:30AM.

Photo Credit Matthew Thomas.

Glynn Washington — This is Radio from This is Radio on Vimeo.

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